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Style That's Affordable!

Zebra Blinds


Zebra Blinds are a popular choice among homeowners looking to break away from more traditional styles. These shades alternate horizontal bands of opaque-colored fabric to allow a balance of natural light and privacy unlike any other window treatment.

Roller Blinds


Rollers are the most versatile and are a very popular choice. They can be used in the bedroom as a complete blackout from the sun or in your living room, giving you privacy during daylight hours but still allowing you to see outside.

Rollers can be made to fit outside or inside the frame with minimal obstruction. They can be made into motorized for your convenience. With a wide variety of fabrics and patterns to choose from these window coverings are an excellent choice.



Shutters are a great choice for many homes. They are easy to use, very durable and elegant. They provide protection for the window, furniture and floor. They can be used to allow maximum light in or block it out completely.

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Curtains can make a big impact on any room in the house. They are a great option in the bedroom, main living space or dining rooms.

When choosing curtains we offer many options. Side panels to dress up the window, full width to cover edge to edge and double width to give a nice elegant look. With so many colors and fabrics to choose we make it easy for you to personalize your space to add some warmth and style.



Verticals come in the largest sizes up to 14 ft depending on your needs. Panel tracks are the most modern option, while PVC and fabric vanes have been a great option for decades.

If you have a patio door, large window or live in an apartment, verticals could be what you are looking for. They are very affordable and durable and can add a lot of design acting as a focal point for a stylish room.



At Majestic Binds & Shades we have a variety of high quality custom horizontal blinds with a selection of wood, faux wood and aluminum finishes. 

These timeless window coverings come in a variety of styles to suit your taste and home decor style. Since they are customized, they can be tailored to suit any space and any type or size of window. The slats are very durable and easy to clean making these blinds a good choice for any room in your home.

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Cellulars or honeycombs, can be made as a day and night shade meaning, you can have blackout at night and sheer during the day on the same blind. 

Cellulars are the safest option for kids since we only sell cordless so you can be worry free from any accidents happening.

They are also a great option for insulating your home while also saving you money on heating and cooling bills.



Motorized blinds are kid-friendly and pet-safe. They are a perfect choice for home theater spaces, master bedrooms and more. With just the touch of a button you can open and close your motorized blinds with ease.

We have many different styles of motorized blinds such as; rollers, duo shades, drapery and much more! and with a large variety of fabrics and colors to choose from, we can guarantee that you will find exactly what you are looking for.


Panel Shades

Dressing up a wide set of windows or patio doors is often hard to do with most window coverings. Panel Shades are the solution for spanning those wide windows and can even be used as room dividers to create separation and privacy in large areas.

Our fabric panels hang from a sleek white track that can be installed for ceiling or wall mount applications. Depending on the size of you window or patio door, tracks can be ordered with 3, 4, 5 and 6-panel configurations. They glide smoothly along the track and provide total privacy when closed. The track can be covered with an optional valance with matching fabric insert.

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